Guide To Date CamGirls In Real Life

List Of Cam Sites To Get To Know Webcam Models

Is not a secret that many men find it exciting to watch girls on webcam in various sexual acts. Some may even had thoughts about how would it be to date that girl a few times if that is possible, and see how it goes. Here will find what it takes to make this happen, as well as some tips and strategies that will help you out if you are into this.


The first step of the strategy is to register at some specific cam sites that allow personal information exchange, and cam2cam is free. Therefore, sites that do not allow any personal contact out of the site it self, are not even mentioned. Below are listed the steps you need to follow to have your self positioned properly and ready for the game:

Step 1

  • Register At ImLive: Signing up is free, and you only need an email address. They are giving out $30 credit bonus with every 1st purchase, so you should definitely grab that opportunity.
  • Register At CamsCreative: This site has the same cam models as ImLive with the difference that has cheaper cam shows, and you might save a few bucks along the way. Registration though requires a credit card for validation.
  • Register At MyFreeCams: Registration is free, you will only need to verify your email address. The environment is pretty social and there are many girls to visit. The advantage of this site is that once you purchase tokens for the 1st time, you become Premium Member for ever. That means you will be able to open your webcam in free chat, so the model can see you. The downside is that private shows are very expensive. $6/min to be exact.

Step 2

  • How To Stand Out And Make Her Notice You: You will have to be frequent visitor of her room. Try not to use a vulgar nickname, but something funny or cute.
  • Be Funny With Smart Jokes: Don't start a conversation with naughty phrases, this is something that most guys do.
  • Fill Out Your Profile And Use A Profile Picture Of You: This can be a magnet if done correctly. Say interesting and smart things that leave competition from the other guys behind.
  • Always Open Your Webcam: Some girls are curious and would want to check you out. Others might not open it until you tip them a little. Send few credits/tokens and measure her reactions.
  • You Appearance And Age Does Matter: Generally speaking, the ideal age for a man would be 32-40. If you have a nice body would be a huge plus.
  • Your Country (or State) Proximity To Hers, Does Matter: When a cam model is really interesting you, and you lucky enough to find her in "i want a boyfriend" mode, naturally she will ask your phone number or skype. After some discussions there, she might ask you to go to meet her. The closer your country is to hers, the less would be the traveling expenses. European guys here, are luckier than Canadians, Australians and Americans.

Various Facts & Advices

  • Try to locate cute girls, that have few people in their chat rooms. This means she will notice you faster, and less competition for you.
  • If during the 1st or 2nd Skype call, the girl will ask you to have cam sex with her (without financial exchange), this means that sex in real life is absolutely certain to happen when you meet her. If not, then she is not so sure about it.
  • If you live in a country with many beaches and touristic attractions (Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece), would be a good idea to invite her. Vacations always helping people come more close to each other.
  • When you meet her, act normal as you would in any other date. Don't show that you want to have sex with her quickly. Start various (non sex related) conversions. Buying her flowers will help you a lot (eastern european women loves that).
  • Would also be a good idea to go to visit her also. You will be able to meet her friends or other locals (men and women) and build a network of people for your future visits.
  • In case that during skype calls nothing sexual took place, and also during first meeting there was no hugs and kisses, don't cut connections with this girl. Keep her as friend. She might be able to hook you up with some other girl from her area. You will not be sexually successful with everyone you meet.
  • If she wants to meet you, but not in public places such as malls, bars, or coffee shops, this means that she is already having a boyfriend, but she also wants to have sex with you.

Cam Girls That You Should Avoid

  • Webcam models might fake their orgasms, but they can not fake their own personality. Personality always shows in time. If she is a beggar in a cam site, be sure she will be the same also in real life. This means that she will be asking you for gifts, money, and generally anything financial related.
  • A girl's life style says a lot about her. If she is good looking and posting often stories and pictures on Instagram means that she looking for attention. Healthy personalities doesn't look for attention 24/7...