How To Make Money On Myfreecams – Do’s and Don’ts To Make It Happen.

The exact way of making money with MyFreeCams has been an issue for many models around. Especially new models, but also the ones that have been around for a while, but still haven’t succeeded in making decent money out of it. This article will give you some general and specific guidelines how to improve your general behavioral image since what keeping your members coming is your personality and not your appearance. Unlike other free cam sites, such as Chaturbate for instance, MyFreeCams is a little tougher for models to handle, because it doesn't give you the option to start first as an exhibitionist for instance (to gain traction and some initial popularity).

The Cruel Reality OF Webcamming In Free Chat Sites

Back in 2005, while the adult webcam industry was still in its infancy, camming was a money tree. There was no difficult task to do, just create a model account, log in, open your cam, and private shows were easy to get as it was something new for nearly 100 million adult males. Especially, middle and old age lonely men.

Now those days are over. Don't believe the marketing tricks about making large amounts of cash on MFC and Chaturbate. You got to put some effort, but this effort is not exactly what you have in mind. Is not about buying a super high-quality webcam, and certainly not about begging guys for a private, or group show. Begging stopped being effective since 2008.

How To Overcome Psychological Obstacles About Failure

To put things into perspective, you have to think of adult camming business as a YouTube business. The only difference between those two is that YouTube is mainstream, while in camming there is sex involved. I'm sure everyone (including you) has some favorite channels about make-up, DoItYourSelf channels and the like. Now pay close attention. Did these YouTubers in the beginning, got inside this business clearly for the money and nothing else?

No! They got into this thing for the fun of it, and if money comes shortly, then all the better for it. When you do something only for the money, then you are not optimized for it. You have to like it! What's better than having fun, and making money while doing it? The most viewed channels are gaming ones, and the top YouTubers some years back started being silly on cam, funny, shy and yelling on cam expressing emotions. This way, they gained subscribers, which they came from within YouTube, or from external sites sending traffic to their videos. Sometime after, success came because they realized what their audience wanted. In your case means that you need to improve your social and flirting skills. You need to know, or learn, how to flirt!

How To Have Fun While Making Money On MyFreeCams (Or Chaturbate And BongaCams)

As you probably already know, you should not be boring on cam. But you are also aware of the fact that you can not pretend forever, because you will get sick inside you. So how can you have fun? It's simple. Wherever free cam site you are broadcasting from (MyFreeCamsChaturbateBongaCams or StripChat), you need to find a guy that you like, you need to find an Entertainer. An entertainer is a guy that he is good looking, funny, classy, and naughty when he needs to be. Is the type of guy that you wouldn't have a problem to date in real life because he is special inside-out. Is not easy to find an entertainer, and if you find him, stay in contact with him inside the site, and off the site.

Here is how it works: The entertainer brings you into a good mood, probably sometimes even horny, and the other members of the site gets all excited about you, probably tipping you more than they usually do, or taking you in private. This way, you will be able to attract traffic in your room. Good spirits are the Alpha and the Omega, and smart models already using this method successfully.

How To Identify Traffic Types

Most girls usually are putting all guys is the same bag, treating them as a mass. This is wrong. There are different types of guys, and every type should be treated differently.

    • Basics: Usually these are registered users that they never bought tokens, and most of the time beggars. They have no financial value for you, and there is no possible way for some of them to become your entertainer. Most models mute them, while some others do not mute them to maintain their visitor numbers relatively high.
    • Premiums: There are many types of Premiums:
      • The Regular, Sugar Daddy: They often have an emotional connection with a specific cam model and spend half, or most of their salaries to buy tokens. They are usually above 50 years old and lonely in life. Financially speaking, they are the ideal members for you, as they will support you even off-line. Try not to hurt their feelings in the end. Be diplomatic and subtle.
      • Funny, Good Looking: This is a category that usually your Entertainer will be hiding. They have fully completed their profile, they use avatar pictures. They are tipping just because they want to tease you, or surprise you and not for sexual favors in return. Most of the times models are open to meet-ups with such guys in real life of this is physically possible.
      • The Miserable, Jealous Ones: That's perhaps the worst category of members you will ever meet. They are energy vampires. They will visit hot models rooms, and try to earn a model's appreciation, not by tipping, but by spreading lies and hate about other members and giving "tips" on new models how to be total bitches to everybody else except them...! Normally, you would want to stay away from this guys, since they have negative aura. They rarely tip.
      • The One Time Premiums. They either will just ask models to open their webcam to jerk off or they using this account as a backup account, to spy on models that they already ban them.
    • Guests: They are muted by the vast majority of cam models, and usually are begging to show them your body. Most likely teenagers looking to get off.

     Things That You Should NOT Be Doing

    • Don’t ignore your members, and don’t play with your cellphone while you are online. It's something members don’t like, because you give the impression that you don’t care about your chat room hence your members. That means less money for you, or no money at all if you doing it all the time.
    • MyFreeCams is not a private sex chat-based site. Is a tip based site. Forget the old methods about getting a member in private after one minute of chatting. This cam site doesn’t work like that. Avoid making your visitors feel like credit cards. A typical genuine example to avoid is below
      • Model: hi, hru?
      • Member: hru?
      • Member: great,and you?
      • Model: i am fine thx
      • Model: what is your name?
      • Member: mark, and yours?
      • Model: nadia
      • Model: nice too meet you
      • Model: what u looking for here? ← (1st sign the the model is preparing to ask the member a private show)
      • Member: ntmu too
      • Model: maybe wanna prvt with me bb? ←(Eventually, she is asking a private, and the member closes her pm window)
      • Model: i think not answering means no
      Real Dialog

      This is how reverse psychology works. Instead of the member to enter in private chat, tip, etc, he chooses to leave because he understood that the specific model was too much in a hurry to get him into a private chat. Meaning that she showed him that she saw him as a wallet, and not as a person she has just met. Many members are acting the opposite of what they are been told to do. They tip non-beggars, and they ignore the beggars most of the times.

    • Never have your sound closed, never hide your face, don’t call your members “bb”, “hun”, “sweety”, and always speak with your voice. Members have to feel that they speak with a real genuine girl, not a “faceless” girl, or a non-talker. The more you make your presence natural and normal, the more guys will add you to their friend’s list, the more people will be in your room, and you will make more tokens in the future.
    • Never beg for tokens, especially from guys that don’t ask you anything. No one likes a girl that doesn’t have dignity and gets her level low in the eyes of a man. You got to make your self standoff the other models. That you are different, that you have personality and some sort of values.
    • When you have some regular visitors in your room that they are not tippers, don’t completely ignore them. Greet them when you see them entering your room. The reason is that is very negative for other new people entering your room, just to see an empty chat log. They perceive it like your room is not fun, boring, and eventually, if you won’t manage to keep their interest active, they leave after a few seconds. (And you will stay alone with the non-tippers as well).
    • If you are using multiple sites to work, chances to be successful in MyFreeCams are getting lower. It’s nearly impossible to manage efficiently a site like MyFreeCams while trying to be concentrated in other sites as well. The vast majority of successful models, and by successful i mean just to make a decent amount of money per month, are the ones that using only MFC as their main work site.
    • Get to know your members on a personal level as much as possible while keeping a logical “distance” but only if you feel like it. Some guys tend to be obsessive, while others are pretty normal and in some cases, models are interested to meet them in real life. This is something that can not be exactly “taught“, but you have to make it up on your own. Depending on each of your member's personalities and character, you must clarify inside your mind who is worth to get to know better, and who not to.
    • Your chat room members are not your customers, they are your potential or current employers, and they must be treated as such. They pay you for something you are offering to them. The site is self is just the “middleman” that handles the financial translation and send you your share.
    • Never ask directly money from members from within the site itself. That kind of sensitive information should be discussed on messenger (skype, yahoo). The reason for this is that there is a possibility of the Admins to close your account. This fact has been noticed lately.
    • Don’t try to scam your members by lying to them saying that your mom in the hospital, your cat needs surgery, you don’t have money to pay the rent, or you want them to send you money for traveling to meet them in real life. Those “methods” best-case scenario might work for you for a little time, but in the end will end up by being alone in your room, and probably have your account closed as well shortly after.
    • And last but not least, perhaps the most important thing you will need to how to make money with Myfreecams is LUCK! If you are having terrible luck, no matter how much you will try to be nice, no matter how sexy you are, you will not make enough money. The reason is that at any given hour of the day you have to compete with 1000+ webcam models. It’s a fact that many models coming from other private chat-based sites, eventually they ended up quitting because they didn’t have the patience and luck. Those are two qualities that you will need.
    • Don't pretend too much when you are using OhMiBod or Lovense sex toys. And by no means, never pretend that you own such a device when you don't! If you're looking for a new toy or searching to broaden your sexual horizons, there are many online stores you can visit.

    How Much Money Do Models Make?

    A model earns on average around $700 per month. This is not something to take for granted, because you could be making a lot more money than that, or much less. There is a rule that is called the Pareto principle in economics which states that 20% of people produce 80% of the income. In our case, this means that 20% of active webcam models will receive 80% of all tips. All advice mentioned in this article, have the purpose to put you in that top 20% of models. Which means to the top 100, or top 200 models sitewide.

    MyFreeCams Payment Methods

    You can choose any of the following payment methods: (Mind you, Paxum has currently the cheapest fees)

    • Bank Wire Transfer ($1000 minimum)
    • WebMoney
    • ePayServices
    • Paxum (Bank Transfer or ATM card)
    • CosmoPayment
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