How To Make Money On Myfreecams – Do’s and Don’ts To Make It Happen.

The exact way of making money with MyFreeCams has been an issue for many models around. Especially new models , but also the ones that have been around for a while, but still haven’t succeed on making decent money out of it. This article will give you some general and specific guidelines how to improve your general behavioral image ,since what actually keeping your members coming is your personality and not your appearance. Unlike other free cam sites, such as Chaturbate for instance, MyFreeCams is more tough for models to handle. So let’s go, shall we?

  1. Don’t ignore your members , and don’t play with your cellphone while you are online. Its something members don’t like, because you give the impression that you don’t really care about your chat room hence your members. That means less money for you, or no money at all, if you doing it all the time.
  2. MyFreeCams is not a private sex chat based site. Is a tip based site. Forget the old methods about getting a member in private after one minute of chatting. This cam site doesn’t work like this. Avoid making your visitors to feel like credit cards. A typical genuine example to avoid is below
    • Model: hi
    • Member: hru?
    • Member: great,and you?
    • Model: i am fine thx
    • Model: what is your name?
    • Member: mark, and yours?
    • Model: nadia
    • Model: nice too meet you
    • Model: what u looking for here? ← (1st sign the the model is preparing to ask the member a private show)
    • Member: ntmu too
    • Model: maybe wanna prvt with me bb? ←(Eventually, she is asking a private, and the member closes her pm window)
    • Model: i think not answering means no
    Real Dialog

    This is how reverse psychology works. Instead of the member to enter in private chat,tip etc, he chooses to leave because he understood that the specific model were too much in a hurry to get him into private chat. Meaning that she showed him that she saw him as a wallet, and not as a person she has just met. Many members are acting the opposite of what they are been told to do. They tip non beggars , and they ignore the beggars most of the times.

  3. Never have your sound closed , never hide your face , don’t call your members “bb” , “hun”, “sweety”, and always speak with your voice. Members have to feel that they speak with a real genuine girl, not a moving video , a “faceless” girl, or a non talker. The more you make your presence natural and normal, the more guys will add you to their friend’s list, the more people will be in your room, and you will make more tokens.
  4. Never beg for tokens , especially from guys that don’t ask you anything. No one likes a girl that doesn’t have dignity, and gets her level low in the eyes of a man. You got to make your self stand off the other models. That you are different , that you have personality and some sort of values.
  5. When you have some regular visitors in your room that they are not tippers, don’t completely ignore them. Greet them when you see them entering in your room. The reason is ,that is very negative for other new people entering to your room ,to see an empty chat log. They perceive it like your room is not fun, boring , and eventually if you won’t manage to keep their interest active, they leave after a few seconds. (And you will stay alone with the non tippers as well).
  6. If you are using multiple sites to work, chances to be successful in MyFreeCams are getting lower. It’s nearly impossible to manage efficiently a site like MyFreeCams , while trying to be concentrated in other sites as well. The vast majority of successful models, and by successful i mean just to make decent amount of money per month, are the ones that using only MFC as their main work site.
  7. Get to know your members in personal level as much as possible while keeping a logical “distance” but only if you feel like it. Some guys tend to be obssesive, while others are pretty normal and in some cases models are interested to meet them in real life. This is something that can not be exactly “taught“, but you have to make it up on your own. Depending on each of your member’s personality and character , you must clarify inside your mind who is worth to get to know better, and who not to.
  8. Your chat room members are not actually your customers, they are your potential or current employers, and they must be treated as such. They pay you for something you are offering to them. The site is self is just the “middleman” that handles the financial translation and send you your share.
  9. Never ask directly money from members from within the site it self. That kind of sensitive information should be discussed on messenger (skype, yahoo). The reason for this, is that there is possibility the Admins to close your account. This fact has been noticed lately.
  10. Don’t try to scam your members by lying to them saying that your parents are dead, your home is very poor, you don’t have money to pay the rent, or you want them to send you money for traveling to meet them in real life. Those “methods” best case scenario might work for you for a little time , but in the end will end up by being alone in your room, and probably have your account closed as well in the near future.
  11. And last but not least , perhaps the most important thing you will need to how to make money with Myfreecams is LUCK! If you are having terrible luck , no matter how much you will try to be nice, no matter how sexy you are, you will not make enough money. The reason is that at any given hour of the day you have to compete with 1000+ webcam models. It’s a fact that many models coming from other private chat based sites , eventually they ended up quitting because they didn’t have the patience and luck. Those are two qualities that you will definitely need.
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