The Ways People Are Having Sex Over The Internet!

Since the birth of the Internet, one of the very first activities of online surfers, was sexual activities. Virtual sex is the action where 2 people are engaging in sexual messages via text,webcam or/and sex toys (that can be controlled remotely or from one/both participants).

Lets see online virtual sex forms one by one:

  • Sex Chatting: This was the very first of online sex forms, which usually a guy and a girl were exchanging messages through adult chat rooms and instant messaging applications.
  • Phone sex: Over time text chatting gave its place to phone sex since it was giving the feeling of a more personal touch and raise the senses of both participants.
  • Webcam Sex: It includes two or more participants that masturbating looking at each other via a webcam. This can be done via desktop applications such as Skype, or online adult webcam services.
  • Webcam Sex Combined With Remote Stimulation Devices: This form of virtual sex tends to be the most fun nowadays. Usually it involves a man that is controlling remotely a dildo that vibrates inside the vagina, or a vibrator placed on the woman’s pudenda (external genitals) giving this way the maximum sexual pleasure to both. Very popular nowadays are vibrating toys created by the company which are working with sound.
  • Virtual Reality Sex. This form of sex is possible now using specialized devices like the Oculus Rift. This is actually a virtual reality headset that can project an adult movie and put you “inside” the action.
  • Mobile Sex: This is virtual sex using a cell phone or smart phone and can include both phone sex , and webcam sex utilizing the phones front or back camera using chat or video chat applications specifically for mobile phones. You can view all top adult cam sites which support sex using a mobile phone by clicking here.

How You Should Approach Girls For Online Sex Chat.

You should always keep in mind that girls don’t like pushy guys or exhibitionists. They are also not “new in this thing”. Most of the girls spending time online especially in a young age, had at least a few times sexual chats with strangers.

That being said you can simply try to follow the bellow Do’s:

  • Try to ask her name,age, and location. What does she do for a living,what hobbies she has.
  • If she is single or not.(Important)
  • Have a profile picture, especially if you are good looking. First optical impression plays a critical role.
  • Try to show her your serious but also funny side. This is an interesting and charming combination for all women.
  • Submit your manhood to her, but without “showing off”. You must show that you are different from all the rest, that you are not just an other “wanker” she met online.

Be sure, that she will start acting flirty by her self if she thinks you are good enough for her. But if you still see that she is not sexually interested or flirty with you,and you see too many signs of “friendship”, then surely she is not single like she is saying, or she has a sex buddy that filling her sexual needs.

online virtual sex forms

While Simply Don’t:

  • Say naughty things to her after 1-2 minutes of chat.
  • Beg her for any reason.
  • Force her to watch you masturbating on cam. If she likes you, she will ask you to do that by her self.
  • sk her too personal things very early. Is normal a girl when meets a guy online to be skeptic in the beginning.
  • Don’t make too many compliments to her.

All those things you must do , and not do, are enough to apart you from the rest of the crowd , but keep in mind that your appearance, education (academic and social), and financial status status plays key role to the whole flirt thing. There are woman which are looking for online casual sex only, and women that seek a future boyfriend. Luck is perhaps the most important thing you should have and sadly you can not actually control this factor.

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